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A Behind the Scene Look at the Life of a DJ!

As a business owner I can tell you there is no such thing as a day off! Even as the corporate party season begins to slow down there are bridal fairs, and client meetings, to look forward to in a few weeks. So what do I do to wind down, relax, and recharge? Great question!

1. Family

My family is the most important thing to me above all else. Spending time with them constantly reminds me why I work so hard. They are also the reason that I can do my best, and put 110% into doing what I love. Their support and unconditional acceptance of my goofballness is more than any man can ask for. My favorite times are Carolina reaper pepper mustard dares during dinner, followed a good game of Telestrations, or Joking Hazard.

2. Gaming

I spend a lot of my off-season streaming video games, and gaming with my brother and cousin online. I do some PC gaming but I prefer my Xbox. Gaming was a very important bonding experience I had with both my brother and cousin growing up, and we have done our best to continue that tradition especially that we now live thousands of miles away from one another. I have also applied that bonding experience to DJing. Every year in November I stream a 24 hour gaming and DJing marathon where we raise money for the Alberta Children's Hospital. This is not only a great way to raise money for a great cause, it's also an amazing way to bring all the DJs together. The DJs look forward to it every year, fans of the stream look forward it to, and last year my brother even flew out to join us! This year will be year 4! Join us!

3. Creating

Creating is almost a mandatory exercise for me to relax, and unwind. I love doodling as it allows my mind to calm down and unfocus a bit, as I pour out the built up creative energy inside me. I also play guitar, and design things like logos, T-shirt graphics, and edit video. In fact, I created and designed all my websites, graphics, and videos. I do not outsource much when it comes to creation of content as I love the process of creating it myself.

4. Anime

I am a huge anime addict! I watch zero TV. Movies and anime only. I fell in love with anime after watching Akira when I was a teenager. From there I watched everything I could get my hands on. I get asked alot about why I like anime so much and I have come to the realization that it is timeless. If you go back and watch some old movies, you can date them. The blue screen technology is bad, and in some cases really bad. Movies are only as good as the current technology, whereas anime is only limited by imagination and the ability of the artists. What would be impossible with current FX and CGI tech can easily be drawn in anime allowing for greater immersion. As for those people who say anime is for kids, I tell them to watch Death Note or Attack on Titan, then come talk to me.

5. Reading

I usually read or listen to a book a month, sometimes two. From fantasy and sci-fi to self improvement and tech manuals, reading is a great way to spend quiet afternoons (right before nodding off for a nap). Audiobooks for long road trips or when I am testing/repairing gear are amazing. Some of my favorite books are the Dark Tower series, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and yeah the Harry Potter Series. I have first editions of all these books and usually re-read them once a year.

6. Travel

Once upon a time I attended a conference on health and wellbeing. The speaker said something that stuck with me, and I have never forgotten it. He said that people who do not take vacations are more likely to have a heart attack by a significant percentage, over those who do. Back then I think I was on year 3 without taking a break, let alone a vacation. Another thing he said I will never forget is that, it takes 1 week to fully relax and actually start recovering. That means if you take a 2 week vacation, the first week you are still unwinding! It isn't until your 2nd week that you start relaxing! I was shook! Could that be possible? Turns out there is a lot of evidence that backs up those statements. Now I would love to take 2 weeks off, however taking 1 is hard enough. So I decided to take the 1 week off a year and a few weekends here and there to get out of town. It may not be the 2 weeks recommended but the changes that have occured by simply doing that are amazing.

6. Music

May not surprise you to know, but I listen to a lot of music. I mean a lot! There is usually music being played at all times no matter what I am doing. My absolute favorite is playing records. I have spent many years collecting vinyl records, and I love playing them. I am likely sitting at around 100 or more currently and they are all in alphabetical order (as they should be!). I got my very first vinyl record when I was 11 years old, and it was License to Ill by the Beastie Boys. Right now I seem to be on a Led Zeppelin kick, and when that happens only Led Zeppelin IV will do!

Music has given me so much in my life. I truly believe that if words are spells, then music is magic. As a DJ I feel a responsibility to know the music, know it well, and use it to elevate moods, create sensations, paint pictures, leaving my audience better than I found them. I believe music has this power. In fact, I know it does.

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