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Invited to play @ Enter Sandman Festival 2018!

That's right! I have been invited to play second stage at Enter Sandman this September long weekend! Apparently my unique style of deep house, electro, and breaks work perfectly for the theme of that stage! I'll post more details as the information becomes available.

While it is a stretch from the wedding and corporate events I usually do, not many people realize that I started out as a trance DJ in Southern California during the peak of the rave scene. I have DJed my fair share of raves, and have even thrown a few of my own!

As we wait for details, head on over to Mixcloud and listen to a few of my sets!

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Update! - As of March 29th 2018 it would seem 3 of my DJs have also been added to the lineup! Such a proud moment for me! I can't wait to share a stage with all of them!

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