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Frequently Asked Questions

First time booking a DJ or photo booth? You are not alone. Here you will find some really great questions you should be asking as well as our answers.

Q. What is the backup plan?

A. You should always be asking this question of your vendors because let's be honest.. life happens. In our case each DJ takes a turn being on-call for the weekend. As well each DJ has with them a full set of backup gear. Cancelling on a client, outsourcing your event to another DJ company, or sending a trainee (all very common in our industry) is not an option for us. 

Q. When should we book your services?

A. As soon as possible. We are a highly in-demand company and limit ourselves to 4 shows a day to ensure our quality and consistency remain high. Therefore we book out dates extremely fast!

Q. How much experience and training do your DJs have? 

A. All of our DJs have been trained from the ground up and each have a minimum of 4 years of experience. No matter the venue, event, or genres required, we have seen and done it all. The majority of our DJs have been with the company for over 10 years!

Q. Are you licensed and insured?

A. Yes, we have a business license, GST number, and carry corporate liability insurance. All of which is available to you, or your venue upon request. Why is this important? Because it protects you the client should anything go wrong. Ensuring all of your vendors are properly licensed and insured is good for your peace of mind.

Q. Where do you get your music from?

A. All of our tracks are bought and paid for through ITunes or our online Dj pool and are of the highest quality available. We do NOT use music streaming services for several reasons; 1) it is against the terms and conditions of most streaming services to use their services outside of personal, non-commercial use, and 2) internet access inconsistencies and other issues make this option unreliable for professional use. 

Q. Why are you less or more expensive than other companies?

A. We review our pricing annually to determine the best prices we can offer our clients while maintaining a successful business, paying our DJs a professional, living wage, and achieving a high ethical standard of practice. Where we fall in relation to other companies is just where we happen to be at any given time. For the services we offer, our experience, our industry awards and our dedication, we do our utmost to ensure our pricing is fair.

Q. Do you play ethnic music?

A. Yes, as professional DJs we are well versed in many different genres of music and can mix music we have never heard before seamlessly. No matter the genre, music will always be music. 

Q. Do the DJs take breaks?

A. No. Unlike bands we do not require breaks, once the dance starts we play non-stop until the end.

Q. Do you attend the ceremony/reception rehearsal?

A. We can for an additional charge however this is often unnecessary. Rehearsals are designed to provide you the opportunity to practice your event before it happens as it is likely your first time, while we on the other hand perform anywhere between 75-100+ events a year. During our coordination call closer to your event date we can determine if it might be necessary for the DJ to attend.

Q. When does the DJ show up?

A. Typically the DJ will show up about 1.5 - 2 hours before the contracted start time. In rare instances we may need earlier access. This is all worked out during our pre-event coordination call which happens about 10-14 days before your event.

Q. Do you travel? Is there an extra fee?

A. We travel all over Alberta and into B.C. Yes, There is a travel fee and in some instances accommodations for the DJ will be required. If you suspect there maybe travel required for your event, simply let us know and we will be happy to quote you.

Q. Do you perform destination weddings?

A. Yes we do. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Q. Is tip included in the price? 

A. No. Tipping is most often reserved for those vendors who provide services on you, not for you. While our DJs do provide an amazing interactive entertainment service for you and your guests, tipping is not required. That said, if you wish to tip your DJ you can do so directly, or leave them a great review online. We love those! Check out our article on tipping your vendors! 

Q. Do you have a showroom?

A. After much consideration we decided to close down our showroom in 2018. In doing so we are able do two things that make us much happier! 1) pass those savings onto our clients by lowering our package pricing and 2) pay our DJs more! There is a reason why our DJs have been with us for over 10 years!!

Q. Can you supply recent client references.

A. No. We respect our client's time and privacy far too much to bother them after the fact. Please visit our Google business page as well as WeddingWire for our reviews which should tell you all your need to know about who we are and what we are about. 

Q. Can I request a specific DJ?

A. We are always toying with the idea of charging extra for exclusive DJ bookings but we just can't seem to take the idea seriously. So we simply continue to do what we have always done, assess each individual show and select the best DJ for it. It's worked for 15+ years, why stop now. Curious about some of our DJs? Check out our DJ Bio Page!


Q. What if I am not sure about things like up-lights, and other extras?

A. No problem. We rarely ever book out of extras like up-lights, projectors, etc. What we do book out of is DJ's and photo booths. We recommend getting your base package booked and then we can figure out the extras closer to your date when you have more of an idea of what you may require. 

Q. How do I book your services?

A. Fill out the Contact Form and someone will contact you ASAP. As a professional company, this is our full time job which means we are pretty much available to you all day, everyday!

Q. I sent you an email and I haven't heard back yet?

A. Please check your junk/spam/clutter folder as sometimes emails get sent there even after corresponding for awhile. Check your voicemail as we do call and leave messages whenever possible (sometimes mailboxes are full or uninitialized). Alternatively you can always send us another email or call us at 587.434.5849 or 888-81-VEGAS.

*If you do not hear from us within 24 hours please re-contact us as we likely didn't get your initial inquiry. 

Q. I'm all booked in! Now what?

A. Congratulations, your services are now guaranteed! We have never cancelled, or missed an event ever! All you need to do now is sit back, relax, and go online to submit your music to us. The links to our online database were included in the email that was sent with your contract. That email has all the information you need to take you right up into our pre-event coordination call!


Have fun with the process and contact us anytime you need! We will be in touch about 10 - 14 days before your event to coordinate all the details and ensure your event runs as smooth as possible! If you ever need us, we are always just an email or a phone call away!

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