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Beloved the world round, Karaoke is a must-have staple in every bar/pub!

What Is It?

Karaoke is a type of interactive entertainment where guests sing to backing/instrumental tracks of popular songs.

How Does It Work?

Our host comes in with our karaoke system and directly hooks into an existing TV or monitor, or will bring a projector and screen (depending on space), or 27" display monitor.


Guests can choose to look through our karaoke song book or look through our online, searchable database to request their songs. Guests are then put in a rotation to come up and sing!


The backing/instrumental tracks are played though a professional sound system while the lyrics are displayed on the screen for the singer. 

All of our hosts are trained to adjust the volume, EQ, and effects to ensure each singer sounds as good as possible!

Why Would Anyone Ever Want To Do This?

Performing karaoke has quite a few surprising physical and mental health benefits! Such as, decreasing blood pressure, boosting endorphins which can elevate your mood, as well as lowering cortisol better known as the "stress hormone".

Who Is This For?

Bars/Pubs, weddings, corporate events, special events, fundraisers, ladies night, stag/stagettes, private events, stampede parties, DIY events, etc!

Ask us about how we can help you fully utilize the full benefits of karaoke! 

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