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The First, the Best, the ORIGINAL Music Bingo!

This ain't your Grandma's Bingo!

What Is It?

Music Bingo is a a fun spin on the traditional Bingo game! Everyone in attendance is treated to the experience of listening to segments of their favorite songs while filling out a Bingo playing card to win prizes!

How Do You Play?

Games are played on either paper cards, digitally via smartphone, or both!

Each game consists of 50 - 75 songs and 3 - 5 chances to win (prizes not included).


Who Is This For? 

This is perfect for bars, pubs, weddings, corporate events, team building, online mixers, private parties, DIY events, grads, stampede events, etc!

Anything Else?

Songs and cards are 100% customizable to fit your event

Games can be full service live, virtually hosted, or remotely hosted

Ask how we can help you fully utilize the benefits of Music Bingo to its fullest!

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