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the Item game! 28 Fun Ideas To Call Up Tables!

The Wedding Scavenger Hunt better known at The Item Game is a super fun and interactive game that your emcee, or DJ can play to call tables up to eat. This game can also be modified to be played for prizes making it versatile for all kinds of events, not just weddings! Feel free to modify and add to the list as you need. The idea is to make it challenging yet not impossible. Below are 28 of the best ones we have come up with, enjoy!


1. A $100 dollar bill

Most people do not carry cash anymore let alone large denominations. This is a great one to start with to get people looking and familiar with how the game works!

2. An actual photograph

This is a great idea as typically only older generations would still carry an actual photograph with them. As with the cash it is always best to start your first few call outs with ideas in mind to get tables with older people up to eat first.

3. A souvenir keychain

This might be a tall order to fill however you would be surprised!

4. A Band-Aid

As with the older crowd, getting tables with children up to eat quickly is a good idea. Typically moms will have some band-aids on them.

5. Tylenol

Another purse staple of a typical parent or someone a bit older.

6. Playing Cards

I like this one personally as I am just curious where my gamers are at!

7. A Tide to Go Stick

I see a lot of these in the bathrooms of events along with

mints, gum and other "freshen-up" goodies. Take a peek before the event starts and see if there are any good items you can use to call out!

8. Cough Drop

Another staple of the parent and older generation purse. Now that we have done our due diligence it is time to get into some of the more fun ones that get people really scrambling!

9. The license of someone taller and younger than you

This is a fantastic call out as the table now has to chat amongst themselves to figure it out. Works as a great icebreaker if groups are sitting together but do not know one another yet.

10. Three (3) left shoes

Another great icebreaker! No time to think about standing on ceremony if you want to eat!

11. Bright red lipstick

A nice easy softball pitch call after a couple high energy scramblers is always nice to settle back into the mood.

12. Foreign currency

Another easy call as there is always someone with some kind of foreign money on them.

13. A battery

At this point I am just curious what kind of things people carry with them!

14. Flashlight

Just more curiosity

15. Lint Roller

You know someone brought one!

16. Swiss Army knife

Find out where my Boy Scouts are!

17. Out of province license that does not border this province

A nice little nod to our out of town guests

18. Hand Sanitizer

Guaranteed winner with this call after 2020

19. Physical Camera (not a phone)

This is a hail mary play these days however if the photographer is the only one, so be it!

20. FlashDrive (USB Stick)

There is always one!

21. Passport

Again, another nod to our out of town guests

22. Calculator

More curiosity

23. Phone Charger

Another guaranteed winner!

24. A photo of you in another country

Towards the end of the list I tend to make these super easy yet fun and challenging

25. Show me your tattoo!

Let's face it, who doesn't like to show off their tattoos? Might want to make sure to tell them it has to be in a PG location!

26. A book of matches or a zippo lighter

Smokers and pyromaniacs gotta eat too ya know! Just kidding, but seriously this might also be a good time to tell everyone where the smoking locations are in case it was missed during the housekeeping section of the event.

27. A photo of you with and animal that is not yours

A weird one for sure however you'd be shocked how many people have these photos!

28. A picture with you and the Bride and Groom

Always nice to bring it back to the reason we are all gathered for celebration!

There you have it! 28 Ideas for The Item Game or a Wedding Scavenger Hunt! Did you know that all Vegas Entertainment DJs are trained to play a variety of fun and interactive games? From the shoe game to the item game, from limbos to conga lines, we even have several we invented ourselves! Whether it is for engagement and entertainment or giving away prizes we are full of fun surprises for you and your guests! Reach out and we are happy to tell you more!

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